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A Culinary Journey Across India

An overview of India's many regional cuisines

29 Oct, 2021 by Sachin Pabreja

An overview of India's many regional cuisines

With cultural diversity as vast as it is, India's culinary culture matches just as much. Passage to India with mouth-watering delights from around the country where the modern and the traditional met in the middle, these cuisines are simply irresistible.

Join me on an incredible culinary journey across India, giving you an insight into the various delights from mouthwatering vegetarian food of the West to the exotic delicacies of the NE. We have an array of cuisines to showcase India on a global platform.

Kashmiri Cuisine

Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, and Gustaba are authentic Kashmiri cuisines — just to name a few — and are traced to Culinary Journey Across India With a wide range of lip-smacking and exotic delicacies, Kashmiri cuisines are complimented with rice as a staple.

Sweets of Odisha

Renowned for its unique sweets, Odisha has to be your go-to place if you have a sweet tooth. So, the next time you plan a trip to this beach state, don’t forget to try these amazing grubs.


A plethora of delicacies makes the state famous for its unique flavor. Luscious nonveg delights or lip-smacking veg platters-inducts a vibrant diversity, with a rich, historical origin.


Craving something spicy and sweet, something that makes your heart skip a beat.Sweet/savory Maharashtrian dishes are worth it. Get a thali to taste all! Misal Pav, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, or Modak (favorite of Lord Ganesh)there’s a whole lot to relish!


Revolving around an abundance of coconut, rice, tapioca & spices Kerala is famous for, one must also try a variety of seafood dishes — fish, prawns, mussels, lobsters & crabs famously served on banana leaves. Also famous for its Sadhya at Hindu festival Onam.


Mouthwatering, rich, colorful, and unique — just like its culture! Cream, ghee, and local spices are the prerequisites of many local dishes. Must try quintessential Rajasthani cuisines would be Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas, Chokha, Rajasthani Kadhi.


From comfort food to sophisticated creations, Gujarati foods are high in nutritional value, with Thali full of specialty cuisines, these dishes are scrumptiously rich in flavors with elaborate inclusion of food from all works to tantalize the taste buds.

Uttar Pradesh

Nawabi foods influenced by Mughals lead to the sensational creations of new culinary styles in the UP. With the main genre as Awadhi, the rich spices and seeds took the centre stage in the inception of best-loved recipes.

Andhra Pradesh

For its fiery taste & spicy flavors, Andhra Pradesh boasts its popularity in its diverse cuisines. With the use of various masalas, the delicacies are carefully made to match its rich, cultural heritage -


Unlike other states Uttarkhand’s staple dish is wheat but the cuisines of Uttarakhand are simple yet incredible. The two distinct regions, Kumaon & Garhwal offer flavorsome delicacies which come with health benefits.


The classic and famous dishes(famously served on banana leaves)in Karnataka are passed on through generations. Karnataka’s cuisine is said to be one of the oldest surviving in the country dating back to the Iron Age.


With its heavy use of dairy, wheat, legumes, Punjabi cuisines include an array of specialty dishes. No matter what divides people, food has the power to unite us as Indians, especially the rich Punjabi food with its succulent taste and desi ghee.

West Bengal

Culturally vibrant and simply delicious, Bengali cuisines have a proper multi-course structure, the only one in the Indian continent. Bengalis love their food and prefer to have it served course—wise.

Tamil Nadu

The popular cuisines of Tamil Nadu perfectly connect with its people and is incredibly dipped with the right amounts of authentic spices. To attain gastronomic experience coastal areas are renowned for their scrumptious seafood specialties.


Authentic delicacies of Himachal — perfect dishes to savor at special occasions and festivals. Restaurants in the region serve these delights. Pahadi food offers a gastronomical experience in each valley contributing to the flavors and presentation of the cuisines.


The very scrumptious, luscious & exotic cuisines of Telangana are based on the wide use of ingredients — sesame seeds, tamarind, red chilies & mango. Famous for Hyderabadi biryani, there are various other dishes originating from this region one must try.


With Portuguese influence on Goan food, spices and flavors dominate the cuisines of Goa which mostly consists of seafood. Being a sought-after beach destination, Goa will leave a delectable memory of its exquisite dishes.


Known as a “bowl of rice “ Chhattisgarh boasts the majority of its cuisines based around rice dishes- rice relished. Most cuisines are influenced by neighboring states but locals are fond of home-based creations such as Besan Kadhi, Aamat, or Bafauri.


Assam offers an intriguing array of culinary jewels to the quintessential foodie. Delicacies for the not so faint-hearted include complex Khar to animal protein, igniting the curiosities to discover the marvels of these cuisines. Assamese food will wow you.


The culture and rich food of Tripura speak for themselves — to please your stomach before you die. Essentially nonvegetarians, the Tripuris boast Mui Borok as their traditional cuisine. Their cultural diversity is reflected in their tribal food habits.


Simple, earthy & inextricably linked to the land, Haryanvi cuisines are like the people of Haryana with emphasis on wholesome, fresh & prepared with little or no fuss. The use of dairy products is abundant in their food.


Known as the Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh has a rich culture and history as well as a vibrant array of cuisines. A dose of nature, a tinge of culture mix it with warm hospitality & a plate full of mouth-watering delicacies that's Madhya Pradesh for you!


The state is full of flavourful and luscious dishes with the food consumed being very rustic, simple, and earthy. The simplicity of the dishes doesn’t take away the fact that they are always brimming with flavor and richness.


Manipuri cuisine is represented by the traditional cuisine of the Meiteis, the ethnic majority of the state. Culinary fare reflects the intimate connection of its people with nature. Consisting of rice, fish, & leafy vegetables daily meals are simple


Mizoram people have a variety of unforgettable delicious delicacies to offer. Mizo food is a combo of Chinese & Nth Indian food. Popular dishes are mostly boiled, with very little use of spices & oil. The aura, look & taste will tickle taste buds.


With spicy meat and rice on the menu, the Meghalayans pride themselves on a home-reared goat, beef, lamb, chicken, fish & pork for their cuisines. Meghalaya food is so distinctive, you will be in awe of every dish you devour.


With fermented foods traditionally constituting a significant portion of the cuisine, Sikkimese food is essentially influenced by Nepalese creations. Most dishes are based on rice and maize complemented by meat and they make vegetables sound delicious.


Comprising of exotic ingredients, Naga food is distinct and stands apart from the rest of the regional cuisines in India. Comprising of healthy and hearty meals, Naga people also aren’t shy to try some unusual delicacies such as edible water beetles, silkworms, edible snails (locally known as 'Hamuk') from paddy fields and rivers/streams, crabs, grasshoppers, eels, field mice, and even dogs You will also spot broods of honey bees and ants (a bit on the costlier side).

Arunachal Pradesh

A complete package of tradition, culture, & authentic food, AP excels in unique food creations. The state is popular for boiled or smoked food & less fried food. India’s gastronomical legacy extends to AP with rich culinary flavors noticeable.

With the cuisines being so versatile the dishes don't need strict measurements. What makes it extremely unique is the consistency. The distinct and unique flavors are a result of whole spices. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religion and culture. Because the distribution of people is so diverse, each state has its unique signature dish and the only way to try them all is to spend some time in India and travel around to get the authenticity of these dishes.

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