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PayEazy FAQs

Q. What is PayEazy?
  • A. PayEazy is a payment channel provider that helps you pay the restaurant bill. Go cashless and pay the restaurant bill via PayEazy which helps you make a transaction with any debit or credit card and other popular payment gateways and enjoy offers and discounts from our payment partners
Q. Why should I use PayEazy?
  • A. Go Cashless + Earn EazyPoints + Avail Payment Discounts everytime you pay your dining bill with PayEazy! It's convenient, hassle free & guarantees secured payments. Just make a booking, enjoy the discounts and pay the restaurant bill through your EazyDiner app.
Q. Where do I see list of restaurants where PayEazy can be used?
  • A. The option of PayEazy will be clearly mentioned against each restaurant where the feature is applicable. You can identify it by the PayEazy logo.
Q. Can I do multiple payments or split the payments for a booking?
  • A. No, you cannot make multiple payments or split the payments for a booking. Only a single transaction will be accepted through PayEazy.
Q. Will I get an option to pay bill in case the payment fails?
  • A. Even though you may not have any difficulty while making the payment, there might be a rare occasion when the payment fails. In that case, you will be notified immediately and you can retry making the payment or make the payment directly to the restaurant.
Q. Which payment mode can I use?
  • A. Any debit or credit card can be used to make the payment under PayEazy. You can also choose from a wide range of payment gateways.
Q. After what time of the reservation, PayEazy option will be activated for my reservation?
  • A. PayEazy option will be activated at the time of your reservation and will be active for the next 5 hours. e.g If the booking is made for 6:00pm, the PayEazy option will be active from 6:00- 11:00 pm.
Q. If I pay bill through app, will I still get the deal selected while booking?
  • A. Yes, you will enjoy the deal you select while making a booking at the restaurant in addition to the cashback when you make a transaction with PayEazy.
Q. Can I add money to my EazyWallet through PayEazy?
  • A. No, currently you cannot add money to your EazyWallet with PayEazy.
Q. Is it mandatory to pay via PayEazy at PayEazy enabled restaurants?
  • A. No, it is not mandatory to use PayEazy to make the transaction at PayEazy enabled restaurants. However the additonal cashback and other payment benefits can be availed only if you pay through PayEazy.
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