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Different types of gujiya recipes that you must try this Holi

6 kind of gujiya recipes you must not miss this Holi

27 Mar, 2021 by Simran Saluja

6 kind of gujiya recipes you must not miss this Holi

Gujiya is a traditional sweet that comes to mind when Holi is around the corner. Holi is one of the significant Hindu festivals celebrated mainly in India and other parts of Asia. Holi is commonly known as the Indian ‘festival of spring' and the 'festival of colours'. This festival lets everyone celebrate the beginning of spring, where people meet their friends and family and play Holi with different colours and enjoy traditional sweets prepared at home.

As we all know, that Gujiya is one of the popular traditional sweet prepared during Holi, you would be delighted to know that it comes in many varieties. Here are best Gujiya recipes that you can make at home and celebrate this festival with your loved ones.

Gulkand Gujiya

We all know that gulkand is a sweet preservative made with rose petals and sugar. It tastes delicious and adds a flavor some taste to the gujiya recipe. One must mix gulkand in the filling preparation and enjoy the amazing Gulkand Gujiya.


• 500 ml ghee

• 100 ml refined oil

• 5 gram powdered green cardamom

• 15 gram raisins

• 200 gram sugar

• 1 silver vark

• 1 cup all-purpose flour

• 300 gram khoya

• 15 gram chopped almonds

• 15 gram grated coconut

• 15 gram gulkand

• 3 pistachios


• To prepare Gulkand Gujiya, sieve the all- purpose flour first. Then add the oil to it and mix them well.

• Then, add some water to the mixture and knead lightly. Keep adding water as required and knead into a dough. Cover it and keep aside.

• After that, take a bowl with khoya in it and mash it softly. Then heat a kadhai on medium flame to fry it. Fry until the khoya turns light brown in color.

• In the next step, add sugar and cardamom powder into the khoya and mix well. After that add chopped almonds, grated coconut, and raisins. Fry all of them for 2 more minutes and then allow it to cool down.

• In the fifth step, take the dough and divide it into small balls and then roll each ball on a flat surface into a small round.

• Fill half of the round with the khoya mixture and with gulkand.

• Then fold it and seal the round properly and twist its edges inwards. Also, make sure that the khoya filling doesn’t come out of the gujiya.

• After that, heat ghee in a pan over medium flame and deep fry the gujiyas.

• When they turn golden brown in color, remove gujiyas from the kadhai.

• In the end, arrange the gujiyas on a serving platter and garnish them with silver vark and pistachios.

Apple Gujiya

Apple Gujiya is one of the mouth-delicious version of this popular sweet. To make this recipe, sauté apples with the filling and make crispy and sweet gujiyas on the occasion of Holi.


• 4 cups of all-purpose flour

• ½ teaspoon of baking soda

• ½ cup of cold water

• 2 cups of ghee

• 1 pinch of salt

For Filling:

• 1 ½ cup apple

• 2 tablespoons of cashews

• 300 gram of powdered sugar

• 2 tablespoons of almonds

• 600 gram khoya

• 20 raisins

• 2 tablespoon pistachios

• ½ teaspoon green cardamom


• To prepare this recipe, at first peel the apple and grate it in a medium bowl. Keep it aside till needed. Then chop the cashews, pistachios and almonds in another bowl for the filling. Make sure the pistachios and almonds are whitened.

• In second step, to prepare the crust, mix all-purpose flour, ghee and salt together in a dough-kneading plate. Add cold water and knead into a stiff dough. Cover it with a damp cloth and set aside.

• In the third step place a frying pan on medium flame, add khoya in it and roast. Stir continuously till it turns pink. Then remove it from the flame, transfer it into a bowl and allow it to cool. Once the khoya is cooled down, add the chopped pistachios, cashews, almonds, raisins, and green cardamom powder and mix well.

• In the fourth step, place a saucepan on medium flame and saute the grated apple till it becomes dry. After that, add powdered sugar and sauteed apple to the khoya mixture and mix well.

• After that, grease your hands with a little ghee and divide the dough into small balls. Then roll out the dough balls into small puris, grease the gujiya mould with ghee and put the puri on the mould. Then press lightly, and take a tablespoon of the filling and place it on one side of the mould. Apply a little water on the edges, close mould and press firmly. Cut out the extra dough. Place the gujiyas on a plate and cover them with a damp cloth.

• In the last step, place a kadhai on high flame and add ghee in it, let it melt completely. When the ghee is hot enough, place the gujiyas one by one and deep fry till they turn golden brown. Place these fried gujiyas on a tissue paper to absorb extra oil. Serve hot.

Namkeen Gujiya

In Namkeen Gujiya we have an interesting twist for you which can be added to this traditional sweet dish. Namkeen Gujiya is a snack recipe which can be prepared using grated coconut, mint leaves and other ingredients. Make it at home in a few easy steps and enjoy.


• 2 cup refined oil

• 1 kilograms all-purpose flour

• 1 teaspoon baking powder

• 4 tablespoon vegetable oil

• salt as required

• 2 handfuls mint leaves

• 1 1/2 cup grated coconut


• To start with, at first chop mint leaves and keep them aside. Then add all-purpose flour, baking powder, 4 table spoon oil and salt in a bowl. Mix them well and pour enough water to knead a soft dough. Make small balls of the mixture.

• In the second step, take another bowl, add grated coconut along with mint leaves and salt. Mix it all well.

• In next step, dust the rolling board with dry flour and one by one roll the balls into small discs. Stuff the discs with the prepared filling and fold them into semi-circles. Then seal the edges with wet fingers.

• In the last step, take a deep pan and keep over a medium flame, heat the oil. One by one gently place the gujiyas into the hot oil and fry until they turn golden brown. Keep the gas on low flame. Once the gujiyas are ready, transfer them to a tissue aligned plate to remove excess oil and serve with green chutney or a dip of your choice.

Coconut Gujiya

Coconut Gujiya is a delectable version of the traditional sweet dish that is specially prepared for the festival of Holi. Make this recipe with a mix of coconut and dry-fruits and enjoy with your friends and family.


• 250 gram all-purpose flour

• 2 cups of virgin olive oil

• 150 gram shredded coconut

• 2 handful mixed dry fruits

• 2 tablespoon ghee

• Water as per the requirement

• 1 cup of powdered sugar

• 1 teaspoon of powdered black cardamom


• To prepare this delicious recipe, start by crushing the dry fruits into small pieces. After that, take a large bowl and add flour in it with melted ghee. Then mix it all together. After that, add water to form a stiff dough. Then cover the bowl with a moist cloth and keep aside for 10-15 minutes.

• In the second step, take a pan over a low flame and add shredded coconut to it. After that, fry the coconut for 2-3 minutes and then add the powdered sugar to it. Sauté the mixture for a couple of minutes after that, add crushed dry fruit along with cardamom powder. Then mix it all together and cook for 1 minute. After that, transfer the stuffing to a bowl and keep aside.

• In the third step, divide the dough and make small balls. Then press the small balls with the palm of your hands and then, using a rolling pin, roll them out into small pooris.

• Place the rolled out dough on the gujiya mold and place 2 table spoon of stuffing right in the center. After that apply water on the edges and close the mold. Then press it tightly from all sides and remove the excess dough. Then remove the gujiya from the mold and place it on a plate. Repeat the process with the rest of the dough.

• Now, take a pan deep from the bottom and heat it over medium flame and heat olive oil in it for frying. Once the oil is hot enough, then place the prepared gujiya into the oil and fry from both sides till it turns golden brown.

• When the gujiyas are done, put them in a plate lined with absorbent paper to remove the excess oil. Now, place them on a serving tray and serve the delicious snack!

Walnut Brownie Gujiya

With Holi just 2 few days away, this is your chance to make something that is different and delicious. Walnut Brownie Gujiya is a mouth-watering sweet dish recipe and it is convenient to make at home with the combination of walnuts and chocolate.


• 2 cups of refined oil

For Filling:

• 600 gram brownie

• 200 gram diced dark chocolate

• 200 ml of chocolate sauce

• 100 gram roasted walnuts

For Dough:

• 300 gram refined flour

• 100 gram semolina

• ½ teaspoon of green cardamom

• 100 gram ghee

• ½ teaspoon salt

• 200 ml of water


• To prepare this delicious gujiya, take a bowl and mix together the refined flour, suji, ghee, salt, and green cardamom. Add water as per the requirement and knead them into a hard dough. Cover it properly and keep aside.

• In the meantime, start preparing the filling, crush the walnut brownie in a bowl and then add chocolate sauce, diced chocolate, and the roasted walnuts to it and mix gently.

• Now, take the dough and make small balls out of it. Roll them on a flat surface using a rolling pin.

• Grease the gujiya using a little ghee and place the dough sheet on it. Then, add a spoon of the brownie filling in it and close the mould.

• Press it lightly and after that then open it to take out the gujiya. Take some oil, and heat it in a kadhai to deep fry the gujiyas in it.

• Once the same is done, take out the gujiyas from the kadhai and drain the excess oil.

• In the end, sprinkle some icing sugar on the gujiyas and decorate it with silver vark and nuts.

Crispy Fried Dahi Gujiya

This recipe is also called as Karanji. To make Crispy Fried Dahi Gujiya you’ll need khoya, lotus seeds, dry nuts, hung curd and green chilli, this a flavorsome recipe that can be prepared on special occasions.


For Filling:

• 100 gram khoya

• 10 gram walnuts

• 10 gram chopped raisins

• 5 gram powdered green cardamom

• 100 gram powdered lotus seed pops

• 10 gam chopped almonds

• 20 gram powdered coconut

• 50 gram sugar

For Dough:

• 300 gram hung curd

• 50 gram flour

• 10 gram chopped ginger

• salt as required

• 100 gram corn flour

• 5 gram powdered green cardamom

• 5 gram chopped green chili


• Mix the dough ingredients and make a smooth dough.

• Heat the khoya in a pan on medium flame and cook till it becomes light brown in color. Keep the khoya aside in a bowl and allow it to cool.

• Now, mix the khoya and other stuffing ingredients and keep it aside.

• To make the gujiya, take hung curd dough and divide it into six pieces.

• Make balls of equal-size and crush them. Roll them into a 4 circle and fill them with about one tablespoon stuffing in the center. Then fold it into a half circle and mould the gujiya to seal the dough.

• Follow the same procedure for making all the gujiyas and keep them aside. After that, heat the oil on medium flame to fry the gujiyas. Once it turns golden brown and crispy from all sides, put it onto a paper towel.

So, which of the gujiya options are you going to try this Holi?

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